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# - Main Tinyows makefile for MSVC++
# This VC++ makefile will build TINYOWS.EXES.
# To use the makefile:
# - Open a DOS prompt window
# - Run the VCVARS32.BAT script to initialize the VC++ environment variables
# - Start the build with: nmake /f
# $Id: $
!INCLUDE nmake.opt
CC= cl
LINK= link
# Main Tinyows library.
TINY_DLL = libtiny.dll
TINY_OBJS = src\fe\fe_comparison_ops.obj src\fe\fe_error.obj src\fe\fe_filter.obj \
src\fe\fe_filter_capabilities.obj src\fe\fe_function.obj \
src\fe\fe_logical_ops.obj src\fe\fe_spatial_ops.obj \
src\mapfile\mapfile.obj \
src\ows\ows_bbox.obj src\ows\ows_libxml.obj src\ows\ows.obj src\ows\ows_config.obj \
src\ows\ows_error.obj src\ows\ows_geobbox.obj src\ows\ows_get_capabilities.obj \
src\ows\ows_layer.obj src\ows\ows_metadata.obj src\ows\ows_psql.obj \
src\ows\ows_request.obj src\ows\ows_srs.obj src\ows\ows_storage.obj src\ows\ows_version.obj \
src\struct\alist.obj src\struct\array.obj src\struct\buffer.obj src\struct\cgi_request.obj \
src\struct\list.obj src\struct\mlist.obj src\struct\regexp.obj \
src\wfs\wfs_describe.obj src\wfs\wfs_error.obj src\wfs\wfs_get_capabilities.obj \
src\wfs\wfs_get_feature.obj src\wfs\wfs_request.obj src\wfs\wfs_transaction.obj \
TINY_HDRS = src\ows_api.h src\ows_define.h src\ows\ows.h
TINY_EXE = tinyows.exe
default: all
all: $(TINY_LIB) $(TINY_EXE)
$(TINY_LIB): ows_define.h $(TINY_OBJS)
lib /debug /out:$(TINY_LIB) $(TINY_OBJS)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) src\ows\ows.c /Fetinyows.exe $(LIBS)
if exist $@.manifest mt -manifest $@.manifest -outputresource:$@;1
svn update
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) /c $*.c /Fo$*.obj
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) /c $*.cpp /Fo$*.obj
ows_define.h: src\
copy /y src\ src\ows_define.h
ms4w: all
if EXIST builds rd /s /q builds
mkdir builds
cd builds
svn export
cd ms4w\apps\tinyows-svn
svn export
svn export
cd ..\..\..\..
copy /y tinyows.exe builds\ms4w\Apache\cgi-bin\
cd builds
zip -r -q -9 ms4w
del *.obj
del $(TINY_EXE)
del *.lib
del *.manifest
del src\fe\*.obj
del src\ows\*.obj
del src\struct\*.obj
del src\wfs\*.obj
install: $(TINY_EXE)
-mkdir $(BINDIR)
copy *.exe $(BINDIR)
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