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Vector map library and writer - running on Android and Desktop.
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config Improve code / xml formatting, #782 Jul 12, 2016
docs Update Aug 2, 2019
eclipse-config Update Eclipse config with space indentation, remove obsolete 1.6 #782 Feb 6, 2016
gradle/wrapper Update Gradle Aug 21, 2019
mapsforge-core Remove obsolete MapViewPosition2 Jun 27, 2019
mapsforge-map-android Parameter for anti-aliasing (#1122) Jun 27, 2019
mapsforge-map-awt Parameter for anti-aliasing (#1122) Jun 27, 2019
mapsforge-map-reader Read & render polygon label/symbol position, fix #1064 May 17, 2018
mapsforge-map-writer map-writer: ensure that implicit relations can be written (with id ta… Mar 14, 2019
mapsforge-map FrameBufferController: remove max aspect ratio check (#1125) Jul 5, 2019
mapsforge-poi-android POI: SQLite Android Bindings, fix #1079 Aug 13, 2018
mapsforge-poi-awt POI Desktop: move some close in finally Aug 12, 2018
mapsforge-poi-writer POI writer: normalize names option (#1123) Jul 3, 2019
mapsforge-poi Gradle 4 and Android plugin 3, fix #1009 Oct 29, 2017
mapsforge-samples-android Update samples Aug 2, 2019
mapsforge-samples-awt OpenStreetMap Mapnik: add user agent May 29, 2019
mapsforge-themes Curved path text rendering (#1112) Mar 30, 2019
resources Path text: set repeat gap 100 #1112 Mar 31, 2019
sqlite-android POI: SQLite Android Bindings, fix #1079 Aug 13, 2018
.gitattributes Normalize all the line endings Oct 24, 2015
.gitignore Clean old Sep 25, 2016
.travis.yml Update Android build tools Aug 8, 2019
COPYING Provide properly the license Mar 22, 2016
COPYING.LESSER Provide properly the license Mar 22, 2016 Update readme Mar 4, 2019
build.gradle Update Gradle Aug 21, 2019
deploy.gradle Update project deployment description Sep 17, 2016 Update Android Gradle plugin Jul 10, 2019
gradlew Update Gradle Mar 28, 2018
gradlew.bat Update Gradle Mar 28, 2018
settings.gradle POI: SQLite Android Bindings, fix #1079 Aug 13, 2018

Maven Central Build Status License: LGPL v3


See the integration guide and changelog. And read through how to contribute guidelines.

If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to ask our public forum for help.


Mapsforge library is under LGPL v3 license, with an important simplification: the constraints mentioned in sections LGPL v3 §4(d) and §4(e) are waived.

This means that you are allowed to convey a Combined Work without providing the user any way to recombine or relink the application and without providing any shared library mechanism.

In other words, you are allowed to include Mapsforge library in your Android application, without making your application open source.


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