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New automatic generation for Mapsforge maps and pois.
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Automatic generation for Mapsforge maps and pois (based on our guide).

For the old process using planet.osm see here.

  • The script downloads OpenStreetMap data from Geofabrik and land polygons from OpenStreetMapData.
  • You will need a working Osmosis installation.
  • Download the map-writer and poi-writer plugins (jar-with-dependencies), either their release version from Maven Central or their snapshot version from Sonatype OSS Repository Hosting. See the Osmosis documentation for how to properly install them.
  • You could increase the Java heap space that may be allocated for Osmosis. You can do so by editing the script $OSMOSIS_HOME/bin/osmosis(.bat) and insert a line with JAVACMD_OPTIONS=-Xmx800m. This sets the maximum available Java heap space to 800MB. Of course you can set this parameter to a value which fits best for your purpose.
  • Requirements are working installations of: GDAL, Java, Perl, Python 2.x with GDAL.
  • map-creator script has some config specifications in # Configuration section at the top. Adjust them to your environment: Osmosis home, data path, output paths, variable tag values etc. Or can set externally the relevant variables.
  • Run ./map-creator script without arguments to see its usage.
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