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Applications using mapsforge software (in lexical order)

Name Type License/Cost Sources
AAT GPS tracking for activities GPL3/Free Open
AlaMesa Bars & Restaurant directory Propietary/Free Closed
Alminav Route planning and offline navigation for cyclists and hikers Proprietary/Free (in-app purchases) Closed
Android-Speedometer GPS based speedometer Proprietary/Free and Premium Closed
"A Photo Manager" with "A Photo Map" Show/edit exif-geo info of photos on a map GPL3+/Free Open
APRSdroid Amateur Radio GPL2/Free Open
Archies Camping Guide European campsites Proprietary/Commercial Closed
ARDrone Flight ARDrone Control Proprietary/Free Closed
BackCountry Navigator Outdoor navigation Proprietary/Commercial Closed
Bariloche Guide City Guide Proprietary/Free Closed
Bike Computer Routes and Tracks for Cycling Proprietary/Free and Premium Closed
Bladenight App Tracking for inline skating events Proprietary/Free Closed
Calimoto Motorrad navigation Proprietary/Free (in-app purchases) Closed
Cruiser Android / Desktop map and navigation application Proprietary/Free Closed
c:geo Geocaching Apache 2.0/Free Open
DogSheep Customized maps and tours Proprietary/Free Closed
ELEMNT GPS bike computer Proprietary/Commercial Closed
Forest(M)ap(p) Tool for forestry Proprietary/Commercial Closed
Geopaparazzi Digital Field Mapping for geology and engineering with GIS data import GPL3/Free Open
GPSLogger II AllInOne Logging & Tracking Solution Proprietary/Free Closed
GPSSend Live Tracking + Emergency Notification Proprietary/Free Closed
Green Tracks Climbing and hiking Proprietary/Free Closed
Hunt Cyprus Map and navigation application for hunters Proprietary/Free and Commercial Closed
Locus Multi-Function Map Proprietary/Free and Premium Closed
Map GB Offline map of Britain with postcode search Proprietary/Free (in-app purchases) Closed
Map Marker Map application to place markers Proprietary/Free (in-app purchases) Closed
Mapet Hiking navigation Proprietary/Free Closed
mappa Tourist Map Proprietary/Commercial Closed
Mapsforge Tile Server Tile Server MIT/Free Open
Mapsforge-Web Tile Server for Taiwan MIT/Free Open
MapTag Offline Location Sharing Proprietary/Commercial Closed
Mobile Atlas Creator Creation of offline atlases GPL/Free Open
Momentum Tracker Fitness Application Proprietary/Free and Premium Closed
My Map Offline map of Nepal Proprietary/Free Closed
myWorkouts Sports and GPS Tracker Proprietary/Free Closed
Nautilus Charts Offline Nautical Charts plotting and positioning system Proprietary/Commercial Closed
Navi Cyprus Map and navigation application Proprietary/Free and Commercial Closed
Nutiteq 2.5 / 3D Map View SDK with 3D Models MIT/Free and Commercial Open
Offline City Map Tourist Map Proprietary/Commercial Closed
Offline Maps Tourist Map Proprietary/Commercial Closed
OpenTrail Freemap for Android GPL/Free Open
OruxMaps Map Viewer Proprietary/Free Closed
OSMapTuner Map Viewer & Tag-Editor Proprietary/Free Closed
Pocket Coruna Tourist guide Proprietary/Free Closed
Pocket Maps Offline maps, routing & tracking functions MIT/Free Open
RouteConverter GPS conversion and editing tool GPL2/Free Open
SatStat Android location, sensor and radio network status GPL3+/Free Open
Serval Maps Collaborative Mapping using a Mesh Network GPL3/Free Open
TingBY City guide Proprietary/Free Closed
Ultra GPS Logger GPS tracker Proprietary/Commercial Closed
UtalTransitMap Transport Guide Proprietary/Free Closed
Vectorial Map Map viewer and tracking Proprietary/Commercial Closed
Villagers feng shui Local service for Taiwan LGPL3/Free Open
Watertrack ECO GPS Tracking on Germany Waterways Proprietary/Free Closed
Wikiloc Map Viewer & Track recording/following Proprietary/Free (in-app purchases) Closed

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