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Applications using VTM software (in lexical order)

Name Type License/Cost Platforms Sources
AdvRider WD Tool-set for the adventure rider Proprietary/Free Android Closed
Cachebox 3.0 Geocaching application Apache 2.0/Free Android, iOS, Desktop Open
Cartograph Maps 3 Map viewing and track recording Proprietary/Free (in-app purchases) Android, iOS, Desktop Closed
Cruiser Map and navigation platform Proprietary/Free Android, Desktop Closed
GCDroid Geocaching App Proprietary/Free and Commercial Android Closed
GPSLogger II Map and navigation, Fitness & Cycling application Proprietary/Free Android Closed
HabanaTrans Public transport, map offline, gps, routing Proprietary/Free Android Closed
Hunt Cyprus Map and navigation application for hunters Proprietary/Free and Commercial Android Closed
Kurviger Route planner specialized on motorcyclists Proprietary/Free (in-app purchases) Android Closed
MyRunningApp Fitness app Proprietary/Free Android Closed
MyTourbook Visualize and analyze tours GPL2/Free Desktop Open
Navi Cyprus Map and navigation application Proprietary/Free and Commercial Android Closed
Pocket Maps Offline maps, routing & tracking functions MIT/Free Android Open
Tokyo Ogiqvo Visualize App Commercial Android, iOS Closed
topoGuide Digital guides for the outdoor Proprietary/Free and Commercial Android Closed
Trekarta Application for outdoor activities GPL3/Free and Commercial Android Open
Ubitrek Hiking with IGN maps Proprietary/Free Android Closed
VTM with Eclipse RCP VTM with an Eclipse RCP application GPL3/Free Desktop Open
Walkaholic Hiking app with official routes and online/offline maps Proprietary/Free (in-app purchases) Android Closed
XCTrack Flight computer for paraglider pilots Proprietary/Free Android Closed