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🗺️ MAPS.ME — Offline OpenStreetMap maps for iOS and Android
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3party Address buildings fix Jul 11, 2019
android [android] Improved location mode Jul 17, 2019
api [linux] Fixed project build with g++ 4.8. Oct 21, 2015
base Review fixes Jul 17, 2019
cmake Put b2 logic back to temporary. Jun 10, 2019
coding Review fixes. Jul 17, 2019
data Regenerated localization Jul 16, 2019
debian Updated desktop EULA. Sep 23, 2015
descriptions [coding] Renamed the StringUtf8Multilang files. Dec 13, 2018
docs Create Jun 27, 2019
drape [vulkan] Enable Vulkan by default Jun 19, 2019
drape_frontend Improved location mode Jul 17, 2019
editor [indexer] Style fixes for the DataHeader. Jul 17, 2019
feature_list [geometry] LatLon refactoring. May 30, 2019
generator [generator:tests] Fix compilation for Mac Jul 19, 2019
geocoder [gocoder] Fix for review Jul 16, 2019
geometry Review fixes Jun 24, 2019
indexer [indexer] Interface improvements for the FeatureId <-> OsmId map. Jul 19, 2019
installer/win [fonts] Replace WenQuanYi MicroHei with Droid Sans Fallback Sep 22, 2015
iphone [iOS] add utm source to catalog promo in mwm download banner Jul 17, 2019
kml [geometry] LatLon refactoring. May 30, 2019
local_ads [base] [coding] Moved file_name_utils.{c,h}pp from coding/ to base/. May 21, 2019
map [indexer] Interface improvements for the FeatureId <-> OsmId map. Jul 19, 2019
mapshot [vulkan] Fixed Linux compilation Mar 1, 2019
metrics [eye][promo] several fixes for promo Jul 10, 2019
openlr [indexer] Style fixes for the DataHeader. Jul 17, 2019
partners_api Added UTM for booking promo popup Jul 15, 2019
platform [indexer] Better serialization of the FeatureId <-> OsmId map. Jul 17, 2019
pyhelpers Add version to all PYBINDINGS modules. Jan 15, 2019
qt Fixed designer tool Jul 8, 2019
qt_tstfrm Usage of shaders library Jun 28, 2018
routing [routing] Review fixes. Jul 19, 2019
routing_common [routing] Decreased weight speed for unpaved roads. Jul 4, 2019
search [search] Ignore ranking for ProcessorTest_ExactMatchTest. Jul 18, 2019
shaders [drape] Added line selection Jul 15, 2019
skin_generator Review fixes Apr 22, 2019
software_renderer Several explicit constructors per the Cppcheck report. Apr 15, 2019
stats [cmake] Add precompiled headers support Jun 15, 2018
std [std] Drop string_view.hpp May 16, 2019
storage [indexer] Style fixes for the DataHeader. Jul 17, 2019
testing [testing] Cleanup. May 31, 2019
tizen [testing] Cleanup. May 31, 2019
tools [generator] [python] Enabled generation of the FeatureId <-> OsmId ma… Jul 16, 2019
track_analyzing Crossroads Jun 10, 2019
track_generator [geometry] LatLon refactoring. May 30, 2019
tracking Review fixes. May 30, 2019
traffic Fixed some warnings. May 15, 2019
transit Fixed some warnings. May 15, 2019
ugc [indexer] Style fixes for the DataHeader. Jul 17, 2019
xcode [drape] Added line selection Jul 15, 2019
.clang-format [iOS] Add Objective-C style guide. Update clang-format rules Jun 10, 2019
.gitattributes [mopub] [ios] Added Mopub framework. Apr 13, 2017
.gitignore Compile Database by -j flag on Jul 9, 2019
.gitmodules Don't show dirty content from submodule in status Jun 13, 2019
CMakeLists.txt Current build configure system determines version of GNU Compiler Col… Jul 9, 2019
LICENSE [docs] Updated license and texts Sep 29, 2015
NOTICE Fixed NOTICE and README. Sep 30, 2015 [generator] Removed old scripts for maps generation. Jun 26, 2019 [omim][generator] Added generator_tool version. May 17, 2019 Using correct base path in Jun 18, 2019
defines.hpp [indexer] Renamed CITIES_IDS_FILE_TAG to a more generic FEATURE_TO_OS… Jul 2, 2019
omim_config.h [promo] promo after booking. picture url is added Jun 25, 2019
precompiled_headers.hpp [base] Unified stl_add and stl_helpers. Sep 14, 2018
private_default.h [promo] promo after booking. picture url is added Jun 25, 2019


MAPS.ME is an open source cross-platform offline maps application, built on top of crowd-sourced OpenStreetMap data. It was publicly released for iOS and Android.


This repository contains submodules. Clone it with git clone --recursive. If you forgot, run git submodule update --init --recursive.


If you want to improve app translations or add more search synonyms, please check our wiki.


To compile the project, you would need to initialize private key files. Run and press Enter to create empty files, good enough to build desktop and Android debug packages.

For detailed installation instructions and Android/iOS building process, see

Nightly builds for Android are published to and Dropbox: release, debug.

Building maps

To create one or many map files, first build the project, then use python module maps_generator.

Map styles

MAPS.ME uses its own binary format for map styles, drules_proto.bin, which is compiled from MapCSS using modified Kothic library. Feature set in MWM files depends on a compiled style, so make sure to rebuild maps after releasing a style.

For development, use MAPS.ME Designer app along with its generator tool: these allow for quick rebuilding of a style and symbols, and for producing a zoom-independent feature set in MWM files.

See for the format description, instructions on building a style and some links.


You would need Qt 5 for development, most other libraries are included into the repository: see 3party directory. The team uses mostly XCode and Qt Creator, though these are not mandatory. We have an established c++ coding style and Objective-C coding style.

See for the repository initialization process, the description of all the directories of this repository and other development-related information.

All contributors must sign a Contributor Agreement, so both our and their rights are protected.


Please report bugs and suggestions to the issue tracker, or by mail to

Authors and License

This source code is Copyright (C) 2015 B.V. (Mail.Ru Group), published under Apache Public License 2.0, except third-party libraries. See NOTICE and data/copyright.html files for more information.

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