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# Available modules: logging, requests, json, re, etree. But importing these helps catch other errors
import json
import re
import logging
# Verify this at ("Download .json")
# Disabled since the link returns a zip file and not a plain json
# download_url = ''
# What will be put into "source" tags. Lower case please
source = ''
# A fairly unique id of the dataset to query OSM, used for "ref:mos_parking" tags
# If you omit it, set explicitly "no_dataset_id = True"
dataset_id = 'mos_parking'
# Tags for querying with overpass api
query = [('amenity', 'vending_machine'), ('vending', 'parking_tickets')]
# Use bbox from dataset points (default). False = query whole world, [minlat, minlon, maxlat, maxlon] to override
bbox = True
# How close OSM point should be to register a match. Default is 0.001 (~110 m)
max_distance = 0.0003 # ~30 m
# Delete objects that match query tags but not dataset? False is the default
delete_unmatched = False
# If set, and delete_unmatched is False, modify tags on unmatched objects instead
# Always used for area features, since these are not deleted
tag_unmatched = {
'fixme': 'Проверить на местности: в данных ДИТ отсутствует. Вероятно, демонтирован',
'amenity': None,
'was:amenity': 'vending_machine'
# A set of authoritative tags to replace on matched objects
master_tags = ('zone:parking', 'ref', 'contact:phone', 'contact:website', 'operator')
# A list of SourcePoint objects. Initialize with (id, lat, lon, {tags}).
def dataset(fileobj):
source = json.loads('cp1251'))
RE_NUM4 = re.compile(r'\d{4,6}')
data = []
for el in source:
gid = el['global_id']
zone = el['ParkingZoneNumber']
lon = el['Longitude_WGS84']
lat = el['Latitude_WGS84']
pnum = el['NumberOfParkingMeter']
tags = {
'amenity': 'vending_machine',
'vending': 'parking_tickets',
'zone:parking': zone,
'contact:phone': '+7 495 539-54-54',
'contact:website': '',
'opening_hours': '24/7',
'operator': 'ГКУ «Администратор Московского парковочного пространства»',
'payment:cash': 'no',
'payment:credit_cards': 'yes',
'payment:debit_cards': 'yes'
lat = float(lat)
lon = float(lon)
tags['ref'] =
data.append(SourcePoint(gid, lat, lon, tags))
except Exception as e:
logging.warning('PROFILE: Failed to parse lat/lon/ref for parking meter %s: %s', gid, str(e))
except Exception as e:
logging.warning('PROFILE: Failed to get attributes for parking meter: %s', str(e))
return data