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A LatLngBounds instance represents a rectangle in geographical coordinates, including one that crosses the 180 degrees longitudinal meridian.

var points = [
  new, 140.75675),
  new, 140.75875000000002),
  new, 140.75905),
  new, 140.76018000000002),
  new, 140.75845),
  new, 140.75714000000002),
  new, 140.75611),
  new, 140.75484),
  new, 140.75475),
  new, 140.75364000000002),
  new, 140.75454000000002),
  new, 140.75465),
  new, 140.75673)
var latLngBounds = new;

var bounds = {
  east: latLngBounds.notheast.lng,
  west: latLngBounds.southwest.lng

// Create a rectangle
var rectangle = [
  new, bounds.west),
  new, bounds.east),
  new, bounds.east),
  new, bounds.west)

  'points': rectangle,
  'strokeColor' : '#AA00FF',
  'strokeWidth': 5,
  'fillColor' : '#880000'

LatLngBounds Class Reference

Method Return value Description
toString() String Converts to string.
toUrlValue(precision?:number) String Returns a string of the form "[ [lat_lo,lng_lo], [lat_hi,lng_hi] ]" for this bounds, where "lo" corresponds to the southwest corner of the bounding box, while "hi" corresponds to the northeast corner of that box.
extend(LatLng) void Extends this bounds to contain the given point.
contains(LatLng) Boolean Returns true if the given lat/lng is in this bounds.
getCenter() LatLng Computes the center of this LatLngBounds
Property Return value Description
southwest LatLng Returns the north-east corner of this bounds.
northeast LatLng Returns the south-west corner of this bounds.