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This class represents device position.


The getMyLocation() method of Map class returns the Location data of your device.

map.getMyLocation(function(location) {
  var msg = ["Current your location:\n",
    "latitude:" + location.latLng.lat,
    "longitude:" + location.latLng.lng,
    "speed:" + location.speed,
    "time:" + location.time,
    "bearing:" + location.bearing].join("\n");

    'position': location.latLng,
    'title': msg
  }, function(marker) {


Location Class Reference

Property Return value Description
latLng LatLng The device location.
time Number Return the UTC time of this fix, in milliseconds since January 1, 1970.
elapsedRealtimeNanos Number Return the time of this fix, in elapsed real-time since system boot.
accuracy Number The estimated accuracy of this location, in meters.
bearing Number Bearing, in degrees.
altitude Number The altitude if available, in meters above sea level.
speed Number The speed if it is available, in meters/second over ground.
provider Number The name of the provider that generated this fix.