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+# Contributing to the development of MapStruct
+You love MapStruct but miss a certain feature? You found a bug and want to report it, or even better, fix it yourself? That's great! MapStruct is all open source and your help is highly appreciated.
+* Source code: [](
+* Issue tracker: [](
+* Discussions: Join the [mapstruct-users](!forum/mapstruct-users) Google group
+* CI build: [](
+MapStruct follows the _Fork & Pull_ development approach. To get started just fork the [MapStruct repository]( to your GitHub account and create a new topic branch for each change. Once you are done with your change, submit a [pull request]( against the MapStruct repo.
+When doing changes, keep the following best practices in mind:
+* Provide test cases
+* Update the [reference documentation]( on []( where required
+* Discuss new features you'd like to implement at the [Google group](!forum/mapstruct-users) before getting started
+* Create one pull request per feature
+* Provide a meaningful history, e.g. squash intermediary commits before submitting a pull request
+## License
+MapStruct is distributed under the [Apache License, Version 2.0]( By submitting a pull request you agree to license your work under that license and you affirm that your contribution doesn't violate any rights of other parties.

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