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  • Make sure that only types belonging to java.lang are not imported (#1227)
  • Improve error reporting for nested properties (#1150)
  • Report the specific type for which a nested target property has no write accessor or not exists (#1185)
  • Add Java 9 Automatic Module Name in Manifest (#1224)

Bug fixes

  • Fix wildcards in collection adder mappings (#1170)
  • Make sure that capitilization and decapitilization does not use the default locale (#883)
  • Wildcard generics generated code contains fully qualified names (#543)
  • Nested Mapper Interface not supported (#611)
  • Mapping does not work when parameter name is size (#1244) - The fix in PR #1245 should stop any other FreeMarker special treatments of parameters
  • Source parameter for @ObjectFactory method is not well defined (#1131)
  • Ambiguous factory method for @ObjectFactory with and without parameters (#1242)
  • Several mappings ignored when defined another mapping with embedded paths (#1247)


  • Mention ability to turn of automatic sub-mapping generation in documentation (#1219)

Important notice:

  • During the generation of automatic sub-mapping methods Shared Configurations will not be taken into consideration, yet. Follow issue #1086 for more information.

Behavior changes:

  • With the fix for #611 the way nested mappers are created has been changed. Example:
public interface MyMapper {

    public interface NestedMapper {


The NestedMapperImpl will be generated in the following java file: MyMapper$