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This contains only changes between 1.3.0.Beta2 and 1.3.0.Final. To read the changes from the betas go to 1.3.0.Beta1 and 1.3.0.Beta2


  • Improvement: builder for Mapper/Decorator/GeneratedType (PR #1649)
  • Builtin mapping of String <-> Duration/Period/Instant (#1656)
  • Add Mappers.getMapperClass for getting the class of a Mapper (#1657)
  • Defaults for `NullValuePropertyMapping#SET_TO_DEFAULT (boxed types, Strings and primitives) (#1699)
  • Optimising code (local variables) for CollectionMappingStrategy#ADDER_PREFERRED
  • NullValuePropertyMapping strategy not implemented fully (#1685)
  • Consider sensible defaults for NullValuePropertyMappingStrategy.SET_TO_DEFAULT (#1699)
  • Optimise AdderWrapper / StreamAdderWrapper to use local variable (#1700)

Bug fixes

  • unmappedSourcePolicy may lead to false positives (#1648)
  • Static factory method incorrectly recognised as a fluent setter (#1660) - With the fix for this a method is only considered a candidate if it is public not static
  • Adder with primitive type not being used (#1665)
  • Nested mapping & MappingTarget - "cannot find symbol" (#1650)
  • NullValuePropertyMappingStrategy was not implemented completely (#1685)
  • Non-void update methods try calling build() on the @MappingTarget when a Builder is available (#1681)
  • Uncompilable code is generated when mapping Stream to List and using @AfterMapping on result (#1707)


  • Use Repeatable Mapping annotation in the reference documentation (#1645)
  • Update gradle installation guide (#1695)


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