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@filiphr filiphr released this
· 306 commits to master since this release
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  • @AfterMapping methods with non unique parameters (#1457) - Stricter matching for lifecycle methods / non-unique parameters
    In case a lifecycle method has multiple matching parameters (e. g. same type)
    all parameter names must match exactly with the ones from the mapping method,
    otherwise the lifecycle method will not be used and a warning will be shown.
  • Ability to disable builders on method level via Builder#disableBuilder (#1661)
  • Vague message when handling nested property mapping (#1756)

Bug fixes

  • MapStruct producing uncompilable code when using bounded wildcard (#1738)
  • Bug with Nested Properties and ReportingPolicy.ERROR on Unmapped Source Properties (#1772)
  • Make MapStruct generate compilable mapping code for attributes of type EnumSet (#1797)
  • StackOverflowError in DefaultBuilderProvider` when a type has a public static generic method that returns the type (#1751)
  • Null pointer exception in nested property mapping method with presence check (#1826)
  • 1.3.0.Final Regression in nullValuePropertyMappingStrategy when inherited (#1790)
  • Some Mappers using @Context not yielding Impl classes in Java11 (#1904)
  • Fluent setters on fields with names starting with set are not working #1799
  • MapStruct 1.3.0.Final produces uncompilable code when using Java 11 + Lombok 1.18.6 (#1742)
  • Using constructor as builderCreationMethod in custom builder provider causes NullPointerException (#1801)
  • MapStruct 1.3.0.Final generates invalid implementation when nested property of target is populated with multiple nested properties of source (#1828)
  • Nullptr in 1.3.0.Final due to result type definition (#1821)


  • Clarify use of clearing collections in case of update methods (#1142)
  • Fix typo in documentation (PR #1760)
  • Fix typo and code error in documentation (PR #1779)
  • Wrong documentation in relation to NullValueMappingStrategy.RETURN_DEFAULT (#1784)
  • Documentation clarification on obtaining Mapper (#1819)
  • Improve terms in qualifier docs (PR #1814)
  • Update @MappingTarget documentation to take builders (#1862)