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@filiphr filiphr released this 31 Jan 13:49


  • Relax strictness for Mapping#qualifiedByName and Mapping#qualifier for collection mappings (#2324, #2346)
  • Mark mapstruct-processor jar as Spring-Boot-Jar-Type: annotation-processor (#2244)


  • Nested target properties uses same method for different mappings after upgrade from 1.3.1.Final to 1.4.1.Final (#2236)
  • MapStruct 1.3.0.Final version is generating wrong code for optional collection getter fields (#2233)
  • Problems with Optional<T> mapping (#2295)
  • Nested source null check calls method twice instead of using intermediate variable (#2245)
  • Mapper create invalid implementation - variable is already defined in method (#2251)
  • Stack Trace instead of Message on Missing Mapping (#2263)
  • Wrong reporting for unmapped source properties when source source is implicitly mapped (#2253)
  • Getting either "Unknown property" or "Unmapped target property" (#2301)
  • @InheritInverseConfiguration and @Mapping(target:"bean.childProperty", ignore=true) do not play together (#2278)
  • Mappings are ignored when @InheritConfiguration defines a mapping for a sub-field (#2318)


  • Vague documentation and code samples of @Default annotation as of 1.4.X (#2258)
  • Example uses wrong maven plugin configuration (#2307)
  • Typo in @MapperConfig annotation in documentation (#2293)