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# Sketchup! or How I mapped the Maptime Bear's Home

Vectoria, the Maptime Bear needs a home, so let's build one, and map it out!

Here is the scope of what we are gonna do

  • Use Sketchup to build a 3d environment of the Bear's home
  • Create a high resolutiion rendering using Kerkythea
  • Create a series of highlighted areas of the Bear's home to make custom marker icons using Inkscape
  • Create a non-georeferenced geotiff using QGIS's Georeferencer Plugin
  • Create a map of the Bear's home using, Mapbox's Tilemill, to be uploaded to a Mapbox Account
  • Create a simple map with markers using Mapbox.js

Once you get the hang of these methods, you can probably map out a galaxy from NASA's images, or your minecraft creation.

Programs used:

  • Sketchup MAKE for 3D modeling, its free and widely accessible. For WIN/OSX
  • Kerkythea for rendering 3D models, it's freeware. You must also install the Sketchup Plugin. For WIN/OSX
  • QGIS for GDAL projecting a non-georeferenced image into a geotiff, it's free and open source! For WIN/OSX
  • inkscape for graphics editing, it's free and open source! For WIN/OSX
  • Mapbox Tilemill for making map tiles, uploaded to Mapbox Server or download mbtile format, did I say free too?! For WIN/OSX

Examples of non-georeferenced maps