Learn how to use git, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Leaflet to make a web map:
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Git your map right here! on GitHub!

Everyone's introduction to making a web map, run it locally on your own machine and publish it to the Internet. 🌐 Help young Regen (photographed above) learn to make a map!

Follow along the presentations:

Check out the map:

Thank yous: The data was converted from Socrata’s json type to geoJSON with socrata-geojson


  1. Open the Terminal/Powershell app and a web browser. Get a GitHub account and fork the repository.
  2. Move into that specific folder: cd git_your_map_here (Pro tip: Remember to use tab completion - click tab and then enter) and click Enter
  3. Run a local server by typing into Terminal/Powershell: python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000 and click Enter. This runs the Leaflet-powered map with marker and boundary data from two .geojson files in the \data\ folder.
  4. Open your browser (Chrome, Firefox preferred) and open http://localhost:8000
  5. To open on your phone, find your IP address and open http://[YOUR-IP-ADDRESS]:8000/ in your phone’s mobile browser
  6. To see what is pushed up to the gh-pages branch, open http://maptimela.github.io/git_your_map_here/
  7. Stand up with your laptop and say “Git your map right here!”

Other steps to consider

  • Geocoding with QGIS (an open-source GUI GIS app) or command line geoprocessing tools

Tools needed (We will have these files ready to distribute during the meetup)