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Maptime Starter site

Starter is a simple Jekyll theme for MapTime meetups. Hosting your own meetup? Starter is desgined to be easily forked and tweaked to suit your own needs.


  1. Fork this repo.
  2. Edit the _config.yml file. Here's a quick rundown of the configuration options.
Name Required Value Description
baseurl Yes post This value should always be the same.
permalink No how urls are generated You can learn more about how they are generated here.
markdown No Determines which markdown engine is used Generally, you don't need to touch this field for your own needs.
paginate Yes Number of posts on the front page Starter supports pagintaion. Control the number of posts on a given page by changing this value
repo Yes Name of the repo on GitHub As an example, the name of the starter repo is starter
maptime: chapter Yes Name of your MapTime meetup
maptime: twitter No Your MapTime Twitter username
maptime: disqus No Disqus account name Starter optionally supports comments on posts with Disqus. Create a new Disqus account for a site and fill this field with the account name.

Content types

There are two kinds of content in Starter: post and event. You author these types of content in the _posts directory. Each content type has unique configuration options that you should declare at the top of the document. This is called Frontmatter.


Events are for actual planned meetups with RSVP information. Note that the filename of the post should match the date of the meetup date.

Fronmatter options
Name Required Value Description
layout Yes event This value should always be the same.
category Yes event This value should always be the same.
title Yes The title of your event
rsvp Yes URL to rsvp This should be a link to an Eventbrite date or other service.


Posts are like blog posts. These are great for meetup follow ups or posts that don't have a meetup event tied to it.

Fronmatter options
Name Required Value Description
layout Yes post This value should always be the same.
title Yes The title of your post
author No Author's name
image No URL path to an image Images added here will show up as a Twitter card when a post is shared.

Help resources

  • Create an issue on the Starter repo and we'll respond to it.
  • The site is powered by Jekyll. To make custom tweaks to your own site, you should read it's documentation.
  • Starter makes the assumption you will be running the site on GitHub pages. You can learn more about GitHub Pages here.

Examples in the wild

Have you used this starter to create your own meetup site? Let us know and we can add it below!