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The Security Policy Risk Simulator hosted here is an open source experimental project, developed at the UCL Information Security Research Group and supported by Intel and IBM. The simulations hosted here are different experiments about awareness development on the Compliance Budget framework. Target users are novice security officers that need to understand the prominence of human factors in information security.

Warning: The experimental websites support only Google Chrome. Mobile interfaces are not supported.

Current version:

Student projects:

  • Incremental (code) - student project about increase of complexity over time: number of characters, number of policies, visuals: reports table iconified
  • Narrative (code) - student project about onboarding and game tutorial
  • Forum - student project about developing a social component that would facilitate user discussions

Other versions:

  • DecisionTrees (code) - a very early version estimating responses to policies, based on decision trees. There is a procedure to visualise decision trees which allows to explore and review them.
  • One-turn (code) - one-round fully functional version
  • Simulation (code) - experimentation for implicit modelling with scikit-learn machine learning library