An open source visual editor for the 'Mapbox Style Specification'
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A free and open visual editor for the Mapbox GL styles targeted at developers and map designers.

Mapbox has built one of the best and most amazing OSS ecosystems. A key component to ensure its longevity and independance is an OSS map designer.


If you or your organisation has seen value from Maputnik, please consider donating at


The documentation can be found in the Wiki. You are welcome to collaborate!

Design Map from Scratch


Maputnik is written in ES6 and is using React and Mapbox GL JS.

We ensure building and developing Maputnik works with

  • Linux, OSX and Windows
  • Node >4

Install the deps, start the dev server and open the web browser on http://localhost:8888/.

# install dependencies
npm install
# start dev server
npm start

The build process will watch for changes to the filesystem, rebuild and autoreload the editor. However note this from the webpack-dev-server docs

webpack uses the file system to get notified of file changes. In some cases this does not work. For example, when using Network File System (NFS). Vagrant also has a lot of problems with this. Snippet from

To enable polling add export WEBPACK_DEV_SERVER_POLLING=1 to your enviroment.

npm run build

Lint the JavaScript code.

# run linter
npm run lint
npm run lint-styles


For testing we use webdriverio and selenium-standalone

selenium-standalone starts a server that will launch browsers on your local machine. We use chrome so you must have chrome installed on your machine.

Now open and terminal and run the following. This will install the drivers on your local machine

./node_modules/.bin/selenium-standalone install

Now start the standalone server

./node_modules/.bin/selenium-standalone start

Then open another terminal and run

npm test

After some time you should see a browser launch which will be automated by the test runner.

Related Projects

  • maputnik-dev-server - An express.js server that allows for quickly loading the style from any mapboxGL map into mapuntnik.


Thanks to the supporters of the Kickstarter campaign. This project would not be possible without these commercial and individual sponsors.


Wemap Terranodo Terranodo


Klokan Technologies Geofabrik Dreipol


Influential Stakeholder

Alan McConchie, Odi, Mats Norén, Uli geOps, Helge Fahrnberger (Toursprung), Kirusanth Poopalasingam


Brian Flood, Vasile Coțovanu, Andreas Kalkbrenner, Christian Mäder, Gregor Wassmann, Lee Armstrong, Rafel, Jon Burgess, Lukas Lehmann, Joachim Ungar, Alois Ackermann, Zsolt Ero, Jordan Meek


Sina Martinelli, Nicholas Doiron, Neil Cawse, Urs42, Benedikt Groß, Manuel Roth, Janko Mihelić, Moritz Stefaner, Sebastian Ahoi, Juerg Uhlmann, Tom Wider, Nadia Panchaud, Oliver Snowden, Stephan Heuel, Tobin Bradley, Adrian Herzog, Antti Lehto, Pascal Mages, Marc Gehling, Imre Samu, Lauri K., Visahavel Parthasarathy, Christophe Waterlot-Buisine, Max Galka, ubahnverleih, Wouter van Dam, Jakob Lobensteiner, Samuel Kurath, Brian Bancroft


Maputnik is licensed under MIT and is Copyright (c) Lukas Martinelli and contributors.

Disclaimer This project is not affiliated with Mapbox or Mapbox Studio. It is an independent style editor for the open source technology in the Mapbox GL ecosystem. As contributor please take extra care of not violating any Mapbox trademarks. Do not get inspired by Mapbox Studio and make your own decisions for a good style editor.