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Mapzen Android SDK

Circle CI

The Mapzen Android SDK is a thin wrapper that packages up everything you need to use Mapzen services in your Android applications. It also simplifies setup, installation, API key management and generally makes your life better.



Everything you need to get going using the Mapzen SDK

Set up

Interacting with the map

Search, routing, and location services

Greater than the sum of its parts

The Mapzen Android SDK incorporates several stand-alone libraries for map rendering, location tracking, routing, and search through the following projects:

  • Tangram ES- 2D and 3D map renderer using OpenGL ES
  • Pelias- Mapzen Search client side wrapper and Android UI components
  • On the Road- Mapzen Turn-by-Turn wrapper and other navigation utilities
  • Lost- Drop-in replacement for Google Play services Location APIs


For a working example please refer to the SDK sample app.

Mapzen Places API

Circle CI

The Mapzen Places API is a drop in replacement for the Google Places API.



Everything you need to get going using the Mapzen Places API

Set up

UI Components

Data Components


For a working example please refer to the Places sample app.

Eraser Map

An open source privacy-focused reference application built entirely using Mapzen services. With Eraser Map you can see a canonical implementation of mapping, search, and turn-by-turn navigation.


Beta builds of Eraser Map (plus the SDK demo apps and other science projects) are available on the Mapzen Android download page.

Building From Source

If you would like to build the Mapzen Android SDK directly from master, we recommend using Android Studio 3.0. We upgraded our gradle build scripts to take advantage of the new dependency configurations in gradle which means that if you would like to use earlier versions of Android Studio, you will have to revert to the deprecated configuration.