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Privacy-focused mapping application for Android
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Eraser Map

Privacy-focused mapping application for Android

Install Dependencies

  1. Install Kotlin Plugin for Android Studio

API Keys

  1. Go to and auth with Github
  2. Create a Mapzen API key
  3. Add key to ~/.gradle/ or use as command line argument


Command-line arguments

./gradlew clean installDevDebug -PapiKey=$API_KEY

Clone and build project

$ git clone
$ ./gradlew

Beta Builds

Beta builds (which have Splunk MINT Crash Reporting enabled) are available from here:

Running Tests

  1. Follow instructions to enable unit testing support in Android Studio
  2. Modify unit test run configuration working directory to /path/to/project/eraser-map/app
  3. Rebuild and run tests ./gradlew test --continue
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