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Maqetta provides WYSIWYG authoring of HTML5 user interfaces using drag/drop assembly. Maqetta supports both desktop and mobile user interfaces. The Maqetta application itself is authored in HTML5/Ajax, and therefore runs in the browser without requiring additional plugins or downloads.


  • a WYSIWYG visual page editor for drawing out user interfaces
  • drag/drop mobile UI authoring within an exact-dimension device silhouette, such as the silhouette of an iPhone
  • simultaneous editing in either design or source views
  • deep support for CSS styling (the applications includes a full CSS parser/modeler)
  • a mechanism for organizing a UI prototype into a series of "application states" (aka "screens" or "panels") which allows a UI design to define interactivity without programming
  • a web-based review and commenting feature where the author can submit a live UI mockup for review by his team members
  • a "wireframing" feature that allows UI designers to create UI proposals that have a hand-drawn look
  • a theme editor for customizing the visual styling of a collection of widgets
  • export options that allow for smooth hand-off of the UI mockups into leading developer tools such as Eclipse
  • Maqetta's code base has a toolkit-independent architecture that allows for plugging in arbitrary widget libraries and CSS themes


User Group:
Dev Group:
IRC: #maqetta on
Reporting security issues: send email to

Getting Started

Follow the instructions at to run Maqetta from source.

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