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Simple Class is a free learning app. Designed for children of ages 3-10 years, Simple Class engages students with 80 different learning activities, including interactive games, stories and puzzles.

Simple Class is based on Chimple, a Global Learning XPRIZE finalist. In 2014, Global Learning XPRIZE launched a $15 million challenge to develop solutions that enable children to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic within 15 months. Chimple showed proven learning results, earning it a position among the top five contestants. To learn more about the original Chimple application, visit

Lessons in Simple Class are designed as games that teach children reading and writing, math, science, puzzles, and coding while keeping learning fun. Level completion and bonus badges ensure that feelings of achievement accompany advances in learning. Simple Class is free: there are no ads or subscriptions.

Simple Class helps kids:

Learn on their own: Kids learn using 80 different fun activities in a variety of subject areas.

Stay interested: Kids learn through games, tying early learning to achievement and not work.

Personalize instructions: Kids choose from a variety of lessons in reading and writing, math, science, puzzles, and coding. The app includes 13 alphabet sessions, 5 writing sessions, 19 sentences sessions,20 numbers sessions, 15 stories, and 8 map activities.

Read without distractions: Simple Class works offline, without ads, allowing children to focus on the current lesson.

Explore the world around them: The app’s stories cover a variety of engaging topics, including everyday life, animals, friendship, and sports.


  1. Download the APK to your local computer.
  2. Download the OBB file from this Google Drive location.
  3. Copy APK file from your local computer to the target mobile device where you would like to install the application.
  4. Navigate to Android/obb folder in Internal Storage.
  5. Create a folder with name com.maq.simpleclass.language in Android/obb/ folder and place the OBB file inside it. For example, for installing English build, set the folder name to com.maq.simpleclass.english
  6. Install language specific APK file.
  7. Simple Class is now fully installed and ready to use.


  1. The first time you run the Simple Class application, it may take 10 minutes or more to load. The app displays a progress bar while the module is loading. After the initial load, the modules should start quickly.
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