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add Dockerfile to describe build process.

This dockerfile starts from CentOS 7 and describes the build
process for getting a marfs_fuse executable.
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dmlb2000 committed Nov 19, 2015
1 parent b7adc35 commit 4f8e5872f7570ecf4d66310bc22433eb5bcd11d7
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from centos:centos7

run yum -y update && \
yum -y install gcc glibc-devel fuse-devel libattr-devel make && \
yum -y install curl-devel curl openssl-devel openssl && \
yum -y install git libxml2-devel && \
yum -y clean all
run mkdir /app /app/aws4c /app/marfs /app/PAX2
run git clone /app/aws4c
run git clone /app/marfs
run git clone /app/PA2X
run make -C /app/PA2X base
run make -C /app/aws4c
run cd /app/marfs/common/configuration/src ; make PARSE_DIR=/app/PA2X
run make -C /app/marfs/fuse/src LIBAWS4C=/app/aws4c

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