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jquery.dynatree.js GitHub version

Dynatree is a JavaScript dynamic tree view plugin for jQuery with support for persistence, keyboard, checkboxes, drag'n'drop, and lazy loading.

Note: This repository was migrated from Google Code at 2015-03-15.


GitHub version See the change log for details.

Note: Fancytree 2.x is released

Dynatree 1.x will eventually be replaced by Fancytree.
I will support Dynatree for a while, but no new features will be added.

It is recommended to migrate to Fancytree. It's easy: see also the migration hints.


Dynatree is a jQuery plugin that allows to dynamically create html tree view controls using JavaScript.


Main features

  • Optimized for large dynamic trees (DOM elements are only created when really needed).
  • Programmable through a rich object oriented interface.
  • Support for lazy loading and Ajax.
  • Checkboxes and hierarchical selection.
  • Supports drag and drop.
  • Support for persistence.
  • Keyboard aware.
  • Initializes from HTML code, JSON, or JavaScript objects.


Quick start

  1. Include jQuery and dynatree libraries.
  2. Add a <div> element where the tree should appear.
  3. Initialize the dynatree object when the page is loaded.

To learn more

  1. Check the example page and click on the [View source code] links.
  2. Read the documentation.
  3. Fiddle with the samples.

Feedback and Support

  • A discussion forum is in place to ask questions or discuss features.
  • Check Stack Overflow for existing questions and answers.
  • Use the Issue Tracker to get a list of known bugs, or vote for a feature.
    Please make sure you searched the group and issue tracker, before adding a new request.
  • If you like: Make a donation.
  • Using this library in a commercial product and need some help to meet you deadline? Cont(r)act me!