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Grammar and tools to describe a parser-based language with respect to projectional editing.


With Eclipse Luna SR2 for DSL developers one should be able to import the project into Eclipse without problems.


Implementing languages can be repetitive with or without projectional editor. PE aims to help implementing parser-based languages that one needs even when working with a language workbench usually after the last model to model transformation. The last generated model are often relative to concrete programming language and are translated to text.

When an AST is projected over the text dimension one has a set of possible results. PE describes only one possible implementation of code formatting. I plan to introduce styles to generalize a little bit this point.

I tried to maintain PE not related to any particular language workbench but at the moment PE is utilized only by PE4MPS to import the generated AST into MPS.

Getting started

Once the project has been imported into Eclipse you can:

  • run the test cases and learn how to parse .pe files, see PEGrammarTest launch.
  • recompile the lexer with PE-compile-lexer launch.
  • recompile the parser with PE-compile-parser launch.

Grammar files are under grammars and launch configurations generate code under src-gen.

Test cases are under tests, here one can find examples of the PE grammar. At the moment the is probably the most complete one.

The parser parses PE files and generates AST described by the ecore model under ecore.

Available features

In this first version is possible to describe:

  • the structure of the language AST, references are missing.
  • the projection of the AST over the text dimension from which to derive syntax, code completion and text generation.

Next language I'll probably implement will be Javascript and next aspect will be scopes handling.


Grammar and tools to describe a parser-based language with respect to projectional editing.







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