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(in-package #:cl-user)
(fiasco:define-test-package #:rail-test
(:use #:rail))
(in-package #:rail-test)
(defgeneric branch= (a b)
(:documentation "Checks wether two branches are the same"))
(defmethod branch= ((a success) (b success))
(and (equalp (branch-value a) (branch-value b))
(equalp (branch-messages a) (branch-messages b))))
(defmethod branch= ((a failure) (b failure))
(equalp (branch-messages a) (branch-messages b)))
(defmethod branch= (a b) nil)
(deftest succeed-creates-valid-instance ()
(let ((inst (succeed 42 '(:message))))
(is (success? inst))
(is (equal (rail:branch-value inst) 42))
(is (equal (rail:branch-messages inst) '(:message)))))
(deftest fail-creates-valid-instance ()
(let ((inst (fail '(:message))))
(is (fail? inst))
(is (equal (branch-messages inst) '(:message)))))
(deftest test-either ()
(is (branch= (succeed 43 '(:msg))
(either (lambda (v ms) (succeed (1+ v) ms))
(succeed 42 '(:msg)))))
(is (branch= (fail '(:foo :bar))
(either #'succeed
(lambda (ms) (fail (cons :foo ms)))
(fail '(:bar))))))
(deftest test-merge ()
(is (branch= (succeed 42 '(:foo :bar))
(merge-messages '(:foo) (succeed 42 '(:bar)))))
(is (branch= (fail '(:foo :bar))
(merge-messages '(:foo) (fail '(:bar))))))
(deftest test-bind ()
(is (branch= (succeed 43 '(:msg))
(bind (lambda (v) (succeed (1+ v) '(:msg)))
(succeed 42))))
(is (branch= (fail '(:foo))
(bind (lambda (v) (succeed v))
(fail '(:foo))))))
(deftest test-fapply ()
(let ((f (succeed #'1+ '(:foo))))
(is (branch= (fapply f (succeed 42))
(succeed 43 '(:foo))))
(is (branch= (fapply f (fail '(:bar)))
(fail '(:foo :bar))))))
(deftest test-lift ()
(is (branch= (lift #'1+ (succeed 42 '(:foo)))
(succeed 43 '(:foo))))
(is (branch= (lift #'1+ (fail '(:foo)))
(fail '(:foo)))))
(deftest test-map-success ()
(is (branch= (map-success (lambda (v ms) (succeed (1+ v) ms))
(succeed 42 '(:foo)))
(succeed 43 '(:foo))))
(is (branch= (map-success (lambda (v ms) (succeed (1+ v) ms))
(fail '(:foo)))
(fail '(:foo)))))
(deftest test-map-messages ()
(is (branch= (map-messages (lambda (ms) (cons :foo ms))
(succeed 42 '(:bar)))
(succeed 42 '(:foo :bar))))
(is (branch= (map-messages (lambda (ms) (cons :foo ms))
(fail '(:bar)))
(fail '(:foo :bar)))))
(deftest test-get-or-default ()
(is (equal (get-or-default 24 (succeed 42))
(is (equal (get-or-default 24 (fail '()))
(deftest test-get-or-default-f ()
(is (equal (get-or-default-f (lambda () 24) (succeed 42))
(is (equal (get-or-default-f (lambda () 24) (fail '()))
(deftest test-fail-if-nil ()
(is (branch= (fail-if-nil :was-nil 42)
(succeed 42)))
(is (branch= (fail-if-nil :was-nil nil)
(fail '(:was-nil)))))