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(in-package #:folder-manager)
;; Managed directory
(defvar *dir* "/home/morti/dev/")
;; Maximum level of nesting projects
(defvar *max-nesting-level* 3)
(defun flatten (ls)
(labels ((mklist (x) (if (listp x) x (list x))))
(mapcan #'(lambda (x) (if (atom x) (mklist x) (flatten x))) ls)))
(defun list->set (lst)
(reduce #'fset:with lst :initial-value #{}))
(defun set->list (set)
(fset:reduce #'(lambda (l e) (cons e l)) set :initial-value nil))
;; Project folders
(defun project-name (project-path)
(car (last (pathname-directory project-path))))
(defun is-project (project-path)
(probe-file (make-pathname :defaults project-path :name ".git")))
(defun scan-directory (dir &optional (level 1))
"Scans directory for projects recursively"
(if (> level *max-nesting-level*)
(if (is-project dir)
(loop for f in (directory (make-pathname :defaults dir :name :wild))
collect (scan-directory f (+ level 1))))))
(defun list-project-folders ()
"Lists all projects at *dir* up to *max-nesting-level* folders deep"
(flatten (scan-directory *dir*)))
(defun current-project-folder ()
(first (directory "")))
(defun current-project-name ()
(project-name (current-project-folder)))
;; Metadata
(defun fman-meta-path (project-path)
"Given project path, returns project metadata file path"
(make-pathname :defaults project-path :name "fman" :type "cl"))
(defun ensure-set (value)
(if (equal (type-of value) 'fset:wb-set)
value #{value}))
(defclass metadata ()
((name :accessor meta-name
:initform nil
:initarg :name)
(path :accessor meta-path
:initform nil
:initarg :path)
(tags :accessor meta-tags
:initform (fset:empty-set)
:initarg :tags)))
(defmethod print-object ((o metadata) stream)
(format stream "Metadata {~% name: ~a~% path: ~a~% tags: ~a~%}"
(meta-name o) (meta-path o) (meta-tags o)))
(defun make-metadata (name path tags)
(make-instance 'metadata :name name :path path :tags tags))
(defmethod meta-has-tags ((meta metadata) tags)
(or (null tags)
(fset:subset? (ensure-set tags) (meta-tags meta))))
(defmethod meta-add-tags ((meta metadata) tags)
(setf (meta-tags meta)
(fset:union (meta-tags meta)
(ensure-set tags)))
(defmethod meta-remove-tags ((meta metadata) tags)
(setf (meta-tags meta)
(fset:set-difference (meta-tags meta)
(ensure-set tags)))
(defmethod ms:class-persistant-slots ((self metadata))
(defmethod write-metadata ((meta metadata) project-path)
"Saves project metadata to file in project"
(with-open-file (out (fman-meta-path project-path)
:direction :output
:if-exists :supersede)
(print (ms:marshal (meta-tags meta)) out))))
(defun get-file-contents (filename)
(with-open-file (in filename
:if-does-not-exist nil)
(->> (fail-if-nil :file-not-found in)
(fmap (lambda (stream)
(let ((contents (-> stream file-length make-string)))
(read-sequence contents stream)
(defun read-metadata (project-path)
"Read project metadata"
(make-metadata (project-name project-path)
(->> (fman-meta-path project-path)
(fmap #'read-from-string)
(fmap #'ms:unmarshal)
(fmap #'eval)
(get-or-default #{}))))
(defun all-metas ()
(mapcar #'read-metadata (list-project-folders)))
;; Handler Functions
(defun find-project (&key (tags nil))
"Finds projects with given tags. Tags may be either single tag or set of tags"
(remove-if-not #'(lambda (meta) (meta-has-tags meta tags))
(defun find-by-name (name)
"Finds project by name"
(->> (remove-if-not #'(lambda (meta) (equal (meta-name meta) name))
(fail-if-nil :project-not-found)))
(defun project-path (name)
"Returns project path by name"
(->> (fail-if-nil :project-name-not-provided name)
(flat-map #'find-by-name)
(lift #'meta-path)
;; Printing data
(defun print-name (metadata)
(format t "~a~%" (meta-name metadata)))
(defun print-meta (metadata)
(format t "Name: ~a~%Path: ~a~%Tags: ~{~a ~}~%"
(meta-name metadata)
(meta-path metadata)
(set->list (meta-tags metadata))))
;; CLI Interface
(defun handle-ls (args)
(format t "~{~a~%~}" (mapcar #'meta-name (find-project :tags (list->set args)))))
(defun handle-path (args)
(let ((path (if (null args)
(->> (project-path (car args))
(get-or-default "Path not found for given project"))
(format t "~a~%" path)))
(defun handle-meta ()
(print-meta (read-metadata (current-project-folder))))
(defun handle-tag-add (tags)
(let ((meta (read-metadata (current-project-folder))))
(write-metadata (meta-add-tags meta (list->set tags))
(defun handle-tag-rm (tags)
(let ((meta (read-metadata (current-project-folder))))
(write-metadata (meta-remove-tags meta (list->set tags))
(defun handle-show-tags ()
(let ((meta (read-metadata (current-project-folder))))
(format t "~{~a ~}" (set->list (meta-tags meta)))
(format t "~%")))
(defun handle-tag (args)
(let ((cmd (car args))
(tags (cdr args)))
(cond ((equal cmd "add") (handle-tag-add tags))
((equal cmd "rm") (handle-tag-rm tags))
((null tags) (handle-show-tags))
(t (format t "Unknown command!~%")))))
(defun print-help ()
(format t "Available commands:
ls - lists all managed projects
path - path for given project name
meta - show metadata information for project
tag - manage project tags
help - show this message~%"))
(defun handle-command (command-args)
(let ((cmd (car command-args))
(args (cdr command-args)))
(cond ((equal cmd "ls") (handle-ls args))
((equal cmd "path") (handle-path args))
((equal cmd "meta") (handle-meta))
((equal cmd "tag") (handle-tag args))
((equal cmd "help") (print-help))
(t (print-help)))))
(defun main (args)
(handle-command (cdr args)))