Simple routing middleware for rust HTTP library hyper.
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Hyper Router

This cargo is a small extension to the great Hyper HTTP library. It basically is adds the ability to define routes to request handlers and then query for the handlers by request path.

API Documentation


To use the library just add:

hyper = "0.11"
hyper-router = "0.4"

to your dependencies.

extern crate hyper;
extern crate hyper_router;

use hyper::server::{Http, Request, Response};
use hyper::header::{ContentLength, ContentType};
use hyper_router::{Route, RouterBuilder, RouterService};

fn basic_handler(_: Request) -> Response {
    let body = "Hello World";
        .with_header(ContentLength(body.len() as u64))

fn router_service() -> Result<RouterService, std::io::Error> {
    let router = RouterBuilder::new()


fn main() {
    let addr = "".parse().unwrap();
    let server = Http::new().bind(&addr, router_service).unwrap();;

This code will start Hyper server and add use router to find handlers for request. We create the Route so that when we visit path /greet the basic_handler handler will be called.

Things to note

  • you can specify paths as regular expressions so you can match every path you please.
  • If you have request matching multiple paths the one that was first added will be chosen.
  • This library is in an early stage of development so there may be breaking changes comming. - it seems that the library is quite popular so I'm not going to do compatibility breaking changes.

Further Development

  • add the ability to distinguish requests by query parameters.

Waiting for your feedback

I've created this little tool to help myself learn Rust and to avoid using big frameworks like Iron or rustful. I just want to keep things simple.

Obviously I could make some errors or bad design choices so I'm waiting for your feedback! Please contact me at moriturius at GMail. You may also create an issue at project's bug tracker.