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Package manager for vim8.



Currently only macOS and Linux are supported and neovim is not supported.

To install the already compiled binary, go to the releases page and download the proper compressed binary package:

$ v=v0.1.0
$ os=x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
$ wget https://github.com/maralla/pack/releases/download/$v/pack-$v-$os.tar.gz
$ tar -vxf pack-$v-$os.tar.gz


All tasks should be done through pack command. pack will create a file named packfile under $VIM_CONFIG_PATH/.pack/ and all plugins are tracked in the file. Plugin config files are stored under $VIM_CONFIG_PATH/.pack/. The config files will be concatenated and stored under $VIM_CONFIG_PATH/plugin/_pack.vim automatically. These files are all managed by pack. Never change the files manually.

By default, if $VIM_CONFIG_PATH is not set, pack will create and install all files under ~/.vim(default vim packagepath). If using custom location by setting $VIM_CONFIG_PATH variable, you need to add the following at the top of your .vimrc:

set packpath+=$VIM_CONFIG_PATH

pack command

# Show general usage
$ pack -h

Install plugins

$ pack help install

# install plugins
# pack install <github_user/github_repo>
$ pack install maralla/completor.vim
$ pack install maralla/completor.vim maralla/completor-neosnippet

# install all plugins
$ pack install

# install optional plugin
$ pack install altercation/vim-colors-solarized -o

# install to a specific category
$ pack install pangloss/vim-javascript -c lang

# install a plugin for types
$ pack install maralla/rope.vim --for python
$ pack install mattn/emmet-vim --for html,jinja,xml

# install a plugin loaded for a command
$ pack install gregsexton/gitv --on Gitv

# install a plugin and build after installed
$ pack install Shougo/vimproc.vim --build 'make'

Config a plugin

$ pack config maralla/completor.vim
# This command will open an editor, enter vim scripts as the config for the plugin
# For example:
#   let g:completor_css_omni_trigger = '([\w-]+|@[\w-]*|[\w-]+:\s*[\w-]*)$'

List installed plugins

$ pack list

Uninstall plugins

Simple uninstall a plugin will not remove plugin config file. To remove a plugin config file use pack uninstall <plugin> -a or pack config <plugin> -d.

$ pack uninstall maralla/completor.vim
$ pack uninstall maralla/completor.vim maralla/completor-neosnippet

Update plugins

$ pack update
$ pack update maralla/completor.vim
$ pack update maralla/completor.vim maralla/completor-neosnippet


Shell completions

For bash, move contrib/pack.bash to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/bash_completion or /etc/bash_completion.d/.

For fish, move contrib/pack.fish to $HOME/.config/fish/completions/.

For zsh, move contrib/_pack to one of your $fpath directories.


Distributed under the terms of the MIT license.