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== Mollie SMS

author: Tom-Eric Gerritsen <>

A library for sending SMSes using the SMS gateway.

The SMS class allows you to send multiple sms messages using a single
configuration. As an alternative, you can specify all settings as a hash
when initializing an object, or set the different settings after an object
is initialized using the setter methods.

== Usage
require 'mollie'

# sending a message to one receiver
sms ='username', 'password')
sms.originator = '0612345678'
sms.send('0687654321', 'Hello, this is an SMS!')

# sending a message to multiple receivers
sms ='username', 'password')
sms.originator = '0612345678'
sms.send(['0687654321', '0612435687'], 'Hello, these are SMSes!')

# sending a timed message 
sms ='username', 'password')
sms.orginator = '0612345678'
sms.send("0687654321", "This is a message from the past!", {:delivery_date => "20090202120200", :reference => "scarymessage"})

# cancelling a message
sms ='username', 'password')
sms.orginator = '0612345678'

# Install Install
cd vendor/plugins
git clone git://
cd mollie
git checkout 
cd ..
rm -rf mollie/.git