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GS-MFA is a software program that is built to perform 13C-Metabolic flux analysis for large to genome-scale metabolic network. The scripts used the established methods described in MFA literature [1–4], summarized in Gopalakrishnan and Maranas, 2015 [5].

The program uses MATLAB as the platform and requires the following user-defined inputs: (i) metabolic model, (ii) atom mapping model, and (iii) labeling experiments. The program identifies the flux distribution that best recapitulates experimental labeling and extracellular flux input data and estimates flux 95% confidence interval.

Revised on Nov 14, 2019 Please cite the following for using the scripts Gopalakrishnan and Maranas. 2015. 13C metabolic flux analysis at a genome-scale. Metab Eng. 32:12-22.


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Genome scale steady state 13C metabolic flux analysis



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