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2015-03-24 Version 0.1.3
Fixed a newly-discovered infinite recursion bug.
2014-11-02 Version 0.1.2 (Additional jQuery plugin repository publish attempt.)
2014-11-02 Version 0.1.1
Fixed up package manifest file to make it adhere to the JSON standard.
2014-11-02 Version 0.1.0
Fixed Issue #3: Need to add support for loading 'jquery.ez-sticky-footer.js' from the < head>
as well
Making methods '$.ezsf.adjustExpander()' and '$.ezsf.adjustExpanderIfNecessary()' available in
the DOM.
2013-07-26 Version 0.0.2
Added support for margins and padding on the root <html> element.
2013-07-02 Version 0.0.1
Initial release.