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------------------  WordPress plugin RainbowPayPress  ------------------

Copyright (C) 2015-2016  Marat Nepomnyashy  maratbn@gmail

Version: 3.2.0-development_unreleased

The latest release is in the git branch 'master--release--3.1'.

Latest release ZIP:

Demo at:

Licensed under GPL3.  See LICENSE.


  This plugin facilitates selling of products and services on any public page
  of a WordPress website, and accepting credit card payments for these
  products and services via the Stripe payment processor.

  Because this plugin facilitates credit card payment processing specifically
  via Stripe, it is able to leverage the main security feature of that service,
  in that the credit card numbers are sent to the Stripe servers directly via
  their Checkout API, and never to the server running the website.  Because
  the credit card numbers are physically absent from the website server, the
  operators of the website server are not subject to various government
  regulations that might have otherwise come into effect had their server
  indeed stored credit card numbers.  And obviously, even if the website
  server or its storage get compromised by criminals, there simply would not
  be any credit card numbers for them to steal.

  The way this plugin is used, is that first, the administrators specify which
  products and services are being sold, their descriptions, prices, etc. by
  inserting special shortcodes with that information directly into the pages
  and posts on which they want to render the user payment buttons for these
  sales.  When site visitors load these pages, they see the associated payment
  buttons, clicking on which opens payment entry forms.  Submitting a payment
  creates a "pending transaction", details of which can be automatically
  emailed to the site operator(s).  For each pending transaction, site
  administrators can click a special "Charge" button on the plugin's admin
  page to charge that transaction via Stripe.  This creates a record for the
  customer and the charge on the Stripe servers, from which point the
  transaction can be administered via the Stripe website as any other Stripe

  Stripe test transactions are also supported.  These are transactions in
  which no actual real credit card gets charged.

  Currently only USD are supported.

Technical summary and special considerations:

  Initially, buyer identity, stored partially on the website server, is tied
  to their credit card number stored entirely on Stripe servers, via a special
  "Stripe Token", which is obtained directly from Stripe, via the plugin's
  JavaScript logic, running in the buyer's browser.  For this reason,
  JavaScript needs to be enabled in the buyer's browser.

  Plugin relies on special server-side PHP library stripe-php to communicate
  with the Stripe servers to direct them to charge credit cards.  This PHP
  library in turn relies on PHP cURL support enabled on the server.  The
  plugin will check if this support is enabled, and will issue admin dashboard
  notification if it is not, which will also give advise on how to enable it.

  If website administrators wish to enable automatic email notifications, they
  would need to insure that a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) is properly configured
  on their website server.  Even when the MTA is properly configured, the
  email notifications are still likely to get filtered by SPAM filters, so
  adjustment of SPAM filters might also be needed.


  * PHP version >= 5.4
  * PHP cURL support enabled (Install module 'php-curl' on Debian / Ubuntu)
  * PHP multibyte string support enabled (Install module 'mb-string' on Debian / Ubuntu)
  * Proper Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) configuration for notification emails.


WordPress plugin for accepting credit card payments via Stripe by embedding Stripe checkouts via shortcodes.



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