StorDJE - Storage layer add-on module for the Dojo Toolkit event system
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StorDJE - Storage layer add-on module for the Dojo Toolkit event system

Copyright (c) 2010-2011 Marat Nepomnyashy    maratbn@gmail
All rights reserved.



    The Dojo Toolkit, for which this module is intended, features a versatile
    topic-based event publishing and subscription framework, that allows
    widgets throughout the application to receive notifications of various
    events and associated data.

    However, as of version 1.5.0, the Dojo Toolkit lacks a utility to also
    allow retrieval of previously published event data, preventing the event
    system from being used to store data for the application model.

    Such a capability is useful for UI components that are created by their
    parent components upon notification of (and obviously after) a particular
    event, but that still periodically require the latest data on that or
    other event topic(s) throughout their lifecycle.

  Overview and purpose:

    This is a storage layer add-on module for the Dojo Toolkit event system.
    It can be 'require'd via the Dojo module loading system, and be used for
    the retrieval of previously-published topic-based event data, making it
    possible for application components to access event data that either could
    not be received, or was not needed, at the time it was originally