A Python script to sort files into folders by date
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resort README

resort is a small Python script that will sort files into new directories based
on file dates.

Usage: resort.py [options] directory ...

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -x, --ignore-exif     ignore any EXIF dates found
  -p PATTERN, --pattern=PATTERN
                        file pattern to match
  -r, --recurse         recurse into subdirectories
                        directory that will contain sorted files
  -v, --verbose         show verbose output
  -P, --pretend         don't actually move files
Files are sorted by year and month. One directory is created for each year,
and contains one directory for each month.

If the file is a photo containing EXIF information, the EXIF date is used to
sort the file. Otherwise, the file's modification date is used.

By default, the sorted directories are created in the same directory as each of
the directory arguments. If two directories passed as arguments are not in the
same directory, their files will not be sorted into the same set of directories.

This can be overcome by specifying the destination option. The sorted
directories will be created in the directory specified in this option, and all
files in all directories to be sorted will be placed in the same location.