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Web visualization tool for (meta)genome assembly graphs
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Screenshot of MetagenomeScope's standard mode, showing a region of a biofilm assembly graph


MetagenomeScope is an interactive visualization tool designed for metagenomic sequence assembly graphs. The tool aims to display a hierarchical layout of the input graph while emphasizing the presence of small-scale details that can correspond to interesting biological features in the data.

To this end, MetagenomeScope highlights certain "structural patterns" of contigs in the graph, splits the graph into its connected components (only displaying one connected component at a time), and uses Graphviz' dot tool to hierarchically lay out each connected component of the graph.

MetagenomeScope also contains a bunch of other features intended to simplify exploratory analysis of assembly graphs, including tools for scaffold visualization, path finishing, and (optionally) SPQR tree decomposition of biconnected components in the graph.

MetagenomeScope is composed of two main components:

1. Preprocessing Script

MetagenomeScope's preprocessing script (contained in the metagenomescope/ directory of this repository) is a mostly-Python script that takes as input an assembly graph file and produces a SQLite .db file that can be visualized in MetagenomeScope's viewer interface.

This preprocessing step takes care of structural pattern detection, graph layout, and (optionally) SPQR tree generation.

Once you've installed MetagenomeScope, running the preprocessing script is as simple as

mgsc -i [input assembly graph file] -o [output .db file prefix]

What types of assembly graphs can I use as input?

Currently, this supports LastGraph (Velvet), GML (MetaCarvel), and GFA input files. Support for SPAdes FASTG files is in development.

2. Viewer Interface

MetagenomeScope's viewer interface (contained in the viewer/ directory of this repository) is a client-side web application that reads a .db file generated by MetagenomeScope's preprocessing script and draws the corresponding graph using Cytoscape.js.

This interface includes various features for interacting with the graph and the identified structural patterns within it.

You should be able to access the viewer interface from most modern web browsers (mobile browsers also work, although using a desktop browser is generally recommended). This can be done locally (if the viewer interface code is downloaded on your computer, you can just open it up in a web browser) or over HTTP/HTTPS (you can host an instance of the viewer interface on a server, or try out a demo at

Why is the software structured that way?

The bifurcated nature of the tool lends it a few advantages that have proved beneficial when analyzing large graphs:

  • The user can save a .db file generated by the preprocessing script and visualize that file an arbitrary number of later times, without incurring the costs of layout, pattern detection, etc. twice
  • The user can host the viewer interface and a number of .db files on a server, allowing many users to view graphs with the only costs incurred being those of rendering the graphs in question

Also, this is just how things came together during development :)


Documentation for MetagenomeScope -- including installation instructions for the preprocessing script -- is available on its GitHub wiki, located here.


A demo of MetagenomeScope's viewer interface is available at

  • You can use the "Demo .db file" button to load sample assembly graph files that are already hosted with the demo.
  • You can also use the "Upload .db file" button to view .db files generated by MetagenomeScope's preprocessing script. However, to ensure compatibility between your .db files and the viewer interface, it's probably best to use the version of the viewer interface bundled in the viewer/ directory of this repository.

See this page on the wiki for instructions on customizing your own hosted version of MetagenomeScope's viewer interface.


MetagenomeScope is licensed under the GNU GPL, version 3.

License information for MetagenomeScope's dependencies is included in the root directory of this repository, in DEPENDENCY_LICENSES.txt. License copies for dependencies distributed/linked with MetagenomeScope -- when not included with their corresponding source code -- are available in the dependency_licenses/ directory.


See the acknowledgements page on the wiki for a list of acknowledgements for MetagenomeScope's codebase.


MetagenomeScope was created by members of the Pop Lab in the Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Feel free to email mfedarko (at) ucsd (dot) edu with any questions, suggestions, comments, concerns, etc. regarding the tool. You can also open an issue in this repository, if you'd like.

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