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A metagenomic and isolate assembly and analysis pipeline built with AMOS

MetAMOS v1.5rc2 "Praline Brownie" README

Last updated: April 18th, 2014

We are happy to announce version 1.5rc2, a.k.a. Praline Brownie


1. SRA download now working within frozen binary
2. kmergenie bug fixed within frozen binary
3. SPAdes bug fixed within frozen binary
4. file warning messages removed within frozen binary
5. OutputScaffold AMOS bug fixed and AMOS binaries updated
6. MapReads & Assemble plots now display correctly in Chrome
7. Fix rounding error when tiebreaking a winning assembly
8. Allow pre-assembled contigs with dots in file name
9. Enable stacktrace in verbose mode
10. Add echo as a supported command in the generics workflow
11. Fix phylosift installation
12. Fix jellyfish installation


For MetAMOS user guide please see:


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