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DBA GDBM handler test
$handler = 'gdbm';
require_once dirname(__FILE__) .'/';
$handler = 'gdbm';
require_once dirname(__FILE__) .'/';
$lock_flag = ''; // lock in library
require_once dirname(__FILE__) .'/';
// Read during write is system dependant. Important is that there is no deadlock
database handler: gdbm
Content String 2
Content 2 replaced
Read during write:%sallowed
"key number 6" written
Failed to write "key number 6" 2nd time
Content 2 replaced 2nd time
The 6th value
array(3) {
["key number 6"]=>
string(13) "The 6th value"
string(27) "Content 2 replaced 2nd time"
string(23) "The last content string"
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