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iOS App using Sennheiser AMBEO headset and Apple ARKit technologies to build a tool for urban soundscape analysis.
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Designed for iPhone 7 or newer - optimised for iPhone 7 screen. App requires the aubio library in order to compile. Download from and place the framework in the same directory as the Xcode project.


Sound, Audio, Environment, Environmental Sound, Soundscape, Monitor, Record, AR, Machine Learning

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Go beyond noise levels and analyse sound using machine learning. Add virtual sound objects to see how they affect the scene. Best with Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headset.


Analyse the sounds of your local environment. The app uses machine learning to go beyond the usual decibel levels and give you readings for how much natural, mechanical, or human sound makes up the sound scene. Noise levels give you no information on the content of the sound scene, just how loud the sound is. Contrary to popular perception, it's not a given that loud sounds are annoying and quiet sounds are not. Our more nuanced readings give you a better idea of how a human might perceive the sound scene.

Use AR to add a selection of three virtual sound sources or a virtual sound barrier to the scene to see how these affect the readings and your own perception. Works best with Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headset. The AMBEO Smart Headset allows you to hear augmented sound - it features built-in microphones so you can hear your environment as though you're not wearing earphones, blended with any virtual objects you have placed.

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