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Breaking Changes

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The IGdiBitmap GetColourScheme method has been removed. Use the better GetColourSchemeJSON instead.

Old code...

var arr = []; // array to store colours
var img = utils.GetAlbumArtV2(fb.GetNowPlaying(), 0);
if (img) {
    arr = img.GetColourScheme(5).toArray();
if (arr.length) {
// You'd now access the colours with arr[0], arr[1] etc

Updated code

var arr = []; // array to store colours
var img = utils.GetAlbumArtV2(fb.GetNowPlaying(), 0);
if (img) {
    arr = JSON.parse(img.GetColourSchemeJSON(5));
if (arr.length) {
// You'd now access the colours with arr[0].col, arr[1].col etc


window.DlgCode has been removed as the previous documentation was wrong and default behaviour wasn't consistent across Default UI and Columns UI so I've decided to remove it. So long as Grab focus is enabled in the Configuration Window, support for all keys will be enabled.

All instances will need removing from scripts. If you need to support scripts that will work in this and previous versions of the component, you can replace the code with this:

if ('DlgCode' in window) { window.DlgCode = 4; } // DLGC_WANTALLKEYS = 4

fb.RunMainMenuCommand, fb.RunContextCommand, fb.RunContextCommandWithMetadb have all been rewritten and must be supplied with the full path to their commands. Case is not important. You should use forward slashes with no spaces.

Commands like this will no longer work:

fb.RunContextCommand('Rating/5'); // foo_playcount command

It will need updating to:

fb.RunContextCommand('Playback Statistics/Rating/5');


The drag/drop functionality from external sources has been completely rewritten and this affects the included JS Smooth Playlist and JSPlaylist-mod scripts. From now on, dragging files on to them appends to the end of the playlist and you can no longer insert in a specific place. For this reason, v2.0.6 is still available if you want to go back.

For anyone maintaining their own scripts, they should see the following wiki page:

Users of plman.AddLocations should check the updated docs as there have been minor changes to the behaviour if the select argument is set to true.


fb.ShowPopupMessage was documented to accept an optional iconid argument. It seems this has never worked so it has been removed. Any script that specifies it will now throw an error.

The IMenuObj EnableMenuItem method has been removed. Consider using flags like MF_GRAYED/MF_DISABLED on AppendMenuItem instead. Also, the optional bypos arguments for CheckMenuItem and CheckMenuRadioItem have both been removed. See the updated interfaces.txt for full details.


The component requires foobar2000 v1.4 or later. There have been some minor changes to the Configuration Window.

All users of my previous scripts in the complete folder should import the updated .txt files in to their panels. Installing the FontAwesome font is now a requirement.

Anyone who has a js_settings folder in their foobar2000 profile folder from using my previous samples should move the contents in to the js_data folder. Typically, this would be autoplaylists.json, thumbs.ini, listenbrainz.ini.

fb.Trace has been removed and replaced with a native console.log method so you'll need to do a simple find/replace in all your scripts. It takes multiple arguments as before.

All callbacks/methods with Color in the name have been renamed with Colour. Again, a simple find/replace should suffice.

on_colors_changed -> on_colours_changed
utils.ColorPicker -> utils.ColourPicker
utils.GetSysColor -> utils.GetSysColour
window.GetColorCUI -> window.GetColourCUI
window.GetColorDUI -> window.GetColourDUI
IGdiBitmap GetColorScheme -> GetColourScheme

The following Playback Queue methods have been removed.


Update 03/03/2018. plman.GetPlaybackQueueContents() was removed in v2.0.0 but restored in v2.0.5.

A new plman.GetPlaybackQueueHandles() method has been created and this returns a handle list. You can check the Count property to see if the Playback Queue is active or not.

on_refresh_background_done and window.GetBackgroundImage have both been removed.

The IGdiBitmap BoxBlur method has been removed. Try StackBlur instead. Updated samples have been included in the basic folder.

IContextMenuManager InitContext only accepts a handle list as an argument and no longer a handle like it did previously.


Remove the whole IStyleTextRender interface. Anything that uses gdi.CreateStyleTextRender or was based on glow text sample.txt will no longer work

These IFbPlaylistRecyclerManager properties/methods have been removed as they didn't even work!


The interface can be managed by index instead.


The UpdateFileInfoSimple handle and handle list methods have been dropped.

The replacement is a handle list only method which requires a bit more explanation than can go in the plain text docs so I'm explaining here. An understanding of JSON will help with this!!

The name is UpdateFileInfoFromJSON. It takes either an array or an object as the argument - and this must be ran through the JSON.stringify function before using.

This first example uses an array and its length must match the handle list count. A fail safe way of doing this is looping through the handle list and filling the array as you go.

// assume we've selected one album
var handles = plman.GetPlaylistSelectedItems(plman.ActivePlaylist);

// an empty array
var arr = [];

for (var i = 0; i < handles.Count; i++) {
	// each element of the array must be an object of key names/values, indicated by the curly braces
		"tracknumber" : i + 1, // independent values per track are now supported
		"totaltracks" : handles.Count,
		"album" : "Greatest Hits", // a simple string for a single value 
		"genre" : ["Rock", "Hard Rock"] // we can use an array here for multiple value tags

var str = JSON.stringify(arr);


If you want to write the exact same tags to each and every track in the handle list, we can use an object instead.

var handles = plman.GetPlaylistSelectedItems(plman.ActivePlaylist);

var obj = {
	"album" : "Greatest Hits",
	"genre" : ["Rock", "Hard Rock"] // again we can write multiple values

var str = JSON.stringify(obj);

Since there is no method for single handles, you can use the new fb.CreateHandleList() method to do something like...

var handle = fb.GetFocusItem();
var handles = fb.CreateHandleList();
handles.UpdateFileInfoFromJSON(JSON.stringify({ "artist" : "marc2003" }));

As before, you can use blank values to clear any existing tags.

var obj = {
	"album" : ""

Do not try using any method of using empty objects or blank tag names to avoid tagging any files. You should filter your handle list first to make sure it only contains files you really want to update.


The following interfaces will require IE9 or later. There is a reminder next to each one in the docs.

IFbMetadbHandle FileSize
IFbMetadbHandleList CalcTotalSize


plman.GetQueryItems has been deprecated and replaced with fb.GetQueryItems. Scripts can be updated by doing a simple find/replace in any text editor.


See the changelog.

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