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@marc2k3 marc2k3 released this Sep 22, 2019 · 18 commits to master since this release


FIX: Fix regression from 0.4.0 where releases weren't sorted by date.
CHG: Show multiple formats in release list if present.
CHG: Other cosmetic tweaks.

CHG: The minimum requirement is now foobar2000 v1.4.
CHG: Rewrite component almost from the ground up to make use of the
     JSON webservice instead of XML. This makes it easier to maintain
     and add new features.
CHG: Track titles are now generated from the release and not recording
     titles like they were previously.
CHG: There have been major tweaks to the main dialog but I'm hoping
     everything should work as before. If not, please use the issues
     section to report any problems.
FIX: (Beta2) Fixed a bug where discnumber/totaldiscs wasn't always
     written as expected for multiple disc releases. It has never been
     written for single disc releases so that isn't a bug!
FIX: (Beta3) Restore support for multi-disc lookups. You can preview
     all tracks at once. Note that editing the disc subtitle in the
     track list only works when you select track #1 from each disc.
     Updates are applied to all tracks when tagging.
FIX: (Beta4) "Album artist" tags should be constructed from all artist
     credits, not just the first one.
FIX: (Beta5) Improve Artist/Album search results. It should be more
     noticeable with multi-disc lookups.
NEW: (Beta6) Add support for writing ASIN and ISRC tags. Check the
     Preferences if you wish to turn this off.
CHG: (Beta6) Hide the "Disc Subtitle" column for single disc releases.
FIX: (Beta7) Properly support multi-value ISRC tags.
FIX: (Beta7) Fix a tagger dialog bug which caused a component crash!
NEW: (Beta8) The tagger dialog is now resizeable. Thanks to @smoralis
     for the inspiration.

My other changes since the original was last updated in 2012: link


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