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React on Rails & GraphQL Ruby Example Project

In Progress...

Link Bender App Link Bender Animation Example

This is a very simple GraphQL Ruby / React on Rails example app that leverages the back end rails API laid out in the How To GraphQL – GraphQL Ruby tutorial written by Radoslav Stankov. This project extends that tutorial by implementing a React on Rails front end with Apollo Client to hit the rails server and Apollo Link-State to manage local application state. It's mostly a Front End exercise, but I added several Ruby GraphQL queries, types, and mutations to get a feel for things.

Current Build Deployed @ Heroku:

Basic Features:

  • User Accounts
  • Creating Links
  • Deleting Own Links
  • Voting on Links
  • Animated Screenshot Link Previews

Tools Used:

GraphQL Ruby

React on Rails

Apollo Client


A Simple Link Sharing Example App Built w/ GraphQL Ruby & React on Rails






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