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An SEO friendly Ajax page loader using jQuery.
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An SEO friendly Ajax page loader using jQuery.

HTML Markup

To make the script work, you must have two things in your markup: A container and Links.

The content that must be fetched when changing page must be wrapped in the #page__content element (can be a <div>, a <section> or whathever that can wrap content). If using WordPress, I recommend not including the header or the footer, so only content will be fetched (No Stylesheets and no Scripts). The code should looks like this:

<div id="page__content">
  <!-- Your page content here -->
<?php get_footer(); ?>

The links should contains specific informations. It should have the pagelink class, to make sure that the changePage function is called. External links should not have that class though. Links must have a title attribute, to pass to the next page. It will be used as a temporary meta title. Links code example :

<a class="pagelink" href="" title="Page 2 - Example Site" >Your Link</a>
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