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Ansible playbook to setup a secured Nginx web server

This is an Ansible playbook to configure a server following the recommendations from https://letsecure.me.

Inventory file

Create your inventory file with those 2 variables:

  • domains: a list of domain addresses which your webserver should server
  • email: the email address used to generate the let's encrypt certificate
  • test: create a test certificate if defined
[letsecureme] domains="['yourdomain.here', 'www.yourdomain.here']" email=your-email

The domains must already be defined on a DNS server so that let's encrypt can make a HTTP call.

Execute the playbook

# To generate a test certificate
ansible-playbook -i hosts letsecureme.yml --extra-vars "test=true"

# To generate a true let's encrypt certificate
ansible-playbook -i hosts letsecureme.yml

Now your domain should server the demo page on the addresses you have defined with a state of the art secured web configuration for nginx. Of course the playbook is idempotent so you can run it as many time as you want.