Graphical webfrontend for MongoDB using a REST-API and JSON
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What's this?

MongoDB admin is a dirty attempt to build a web frontend for MongoDB like CouchDBs Futon or PHPMyAdmin. It ist still very very pre-alpha but MongoDB admin is looking for interested developers that want to make it big.

MongoDB admin is pure JavaScript (jQuery) and HTML/CSS with a REST backend written in Python. The REST API included in MongoDB has some issues[1], that make it unpossible at the moment to use MongoDBs full advantages.

[1] Supplying ?filter__id=5sdf34sdfsdf => results in _id=5,
but ?filter__id=asdf works well.


I assume you have Python 2.6 installed.

Install python requirements for REST API

sudo easy_install cherrypy
sudo easy_install pymongo

Get source

git clone git://

Run REST server

cd mongodb-admin


Everyone that has interest in maintaining or contribute to this project is welcome.