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Simple Node.js module to access the mite-api.

Getting Started

Install the module with: npm install mite-api

var miteApi = require('mite-api');
var mite = miteApi({
    account: 'account',
    apiKey: 'apiKey',
    applicationName: 'applicationName'


Available options are:

  • account - the name of your mite account
  • apiKey - your personal API-Key
  • applicationName - your application name. The mite-api wants to be identify all apps. Also the applicationName is set as the User-Agent-header in every request.
  • query - if set to true the apiKey is added to the url as api_key parameter. Otherwise the apiKey is in the X-MiteApiKey-header.


The optional options-object is passed as query parameters to the api-url. For example you can add properties to limit the output. See the mite-api for more information.

var options = {
    limit: 100,
    page: 2

// more complex example (
var options = {
    customer_id: 1,
    billable: true,
    from: '2012-01-01',
    to: '2012-12-31',
    group_by: 'project'

The done callback is called when the request has finished. The first parameter is an err and the second the result of the api-call.

  • mite.getAccount()
  • mite.getMyself()
  • mite.getTimeEntries([options], done)
  • mite.getDailyTimeEntries(year, month, day, [options], done)
  • mite.getTimeEntry(id, [options], done)
  • mite.addTimeEntry(entry, done)
  • mite.updateTimeEntry(id, entry, done)
  • mite.deleteTimeEntry(id, done)
  • mite.getUsers([options], done)
  • mite.getArchivedUsers([options], done)
  • mite.getUser(id, [options], done)
  • mite.getCustomers([options], done)
  • mite.getArchivedCustomers([options], done)
  • mite.getCustomer(id, [options], done)
  • mite.addCustomer(customer, done)
  • mite.updateCustomer(id, customer, done)
  • mite.deleteCustomer(id, done)
  • mite.getProjects([options], done)
  • mite.getArchivedProjects([options], done)
  • mite.getProject(id, [options], done)
  • mite.addProject(project, done)
  • mite.updateProject(id, project, done)
  • mite.deleteProject(id, done)
  • mite.getServices([options], done)
  • mite.getArchivedServices([options], done)
  • mite.getService(id, [options], done)
  • mite.addService(service, done)
  • mite.updateService(id, service, done)
  • mite.deleteService(id, done)


Simple Node.js module to access the mite-api.







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