Showcase React architecture.
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Showcase React architecture

Getting started

$ npm install
$ npm start
$ open http://localhost:8080


  • Babel, Webpack, Flow
  • Redux, Immutable.js
  • Flat functional-style component structure
  • Connect to dynamic data sources using render services
  • Decoupled (mini)router
  • CSS in JS using Stilr
  • Animation with react-motion
  • Devserver that reloads browser and server code

Server rendering

Server rendering is enabled by default. To disable use SSR=0 npm start or reload the page using ?ssr=0.

Browser debugging

Enable debug output by executing localStorage.debug = '*' and reloading the page. See the debug documentation.

Expose useful debugging objects by setting a global variable name: localStarage.expose = '__'. This will expose to window.__.