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This Jenkins Plugin adds additional metadata to artifacts that are deployed to Nexus repository (Sonatype). It makes use of features from Nexus Professional.

This source code is part of a tutorial that you can find here:

cd nexus-metadata-plugin
mvn clean package


  • Jenkins CI Server
  • Nexus Pro (Sonatype)
  • Nexus Metadata Plugin

Maven Dependencies

After unpacking Nexus Pro you should find the nexus-custom-metadata-plugin-2.0.6.jar file under the optional-plugins. Take that JAR file and add it to your local Maven Repository or to your Nexus installation.

  • Directory: nexus-professional-trial-2.0.6-bundle\nexus-professional-trial-2.0.6\nexus\WEB-INF\optional-plugins\nexus-custom-metadata-plugin-2.0.6\nexus-custom-metadata-plugin-2.0.6\
mvn install:install-file 

(05/2013): The latest versions of Nexus do not have the nexus-custom-metadata-plugin Jar file any more. Please use Nexus Pro version 2.0.6 in case you want to try out this source code.