Various improvements to docs and mrjob 0.4 compatibility #1

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Hi! I'm the maintainer of mrjob. I really enjoyed your blog post (it's now linked from the mrjob readme). I just wanted to fix a couple of things to make sure your example continues to work in the future and is easy to get running.

Stuff I did:

  • Readme explains usage a little better and uses paths relative to the project root
  • Move data files into data/
  • Instead of raw print statement for last reducer, use a custom protocol (you shouldn't use print statements in a job)
  • Remove an unused import
  • Use keyword args to mr() instead of positional args, which have been deprecated for a while
  • Link to blog post from readme
@marcelcaraciolo marcelcaraciolo merged commit bdbc5a6 into marcelcaraciolo:master Aug 24, 2012

Thanks irskep I will still improve the code with more examples! Stay tunned :)

Thanks for your collaboration.

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